Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For God's sake, Take out Reservation, caste reservation out of India, to save our future.

There is reasonable disgrace in the country over a video that shows cleaners (ward boys) in a hospital in Bulandshaher, UP conducting surgery, stitching injuries. It seems doubtful that hospitals would allow poor patients’ lives to be played around with and worse, those responsible for all of it, the political masters, justifying it. Even for a nation where people have almost zero sureness in government run medical services, for they know of the disgust stories that overflow, this has come as a shocker.
Private hospitals that cheat with the sole motive of take advantage of, doctors getting degrees from institutions through questioning means, those who get admission and degrees through some sort of a quota, and the degree is completely based on the ability to pay capitation fee.
I would fairly not rate them any less shocking than the latest incident of the cleaners performing surgery. Would you, for example, be at ease with a surgeon who would have failed his exam but got through simply because he came through a quota system that allows him a degree even if he obtains lower marks?
 In most of the medical processes, it’s either success or nothing. How can a doctor (to be said) who never got more than a low pass percentage can be trusted with a surgery? Same for a person who did not have the caliber to be a doctor or a surgeon, but had the financial muscle to get admission with the ease of quota and then even get a degree. Most of us wouldn’t dare.
All those who make these rule judgments to allow doctors under a quota scheme etc. and not on merit are the first ones to scoot out of the nation for any handling. It has been debated that while favorable action is necessary to bring up the stock of backward, it cannot be in areas where what they do actually impacts social lives. Surgeons are surely in that category, and so are airline pilots. But the universal ‘chalta hai’ outlook, coupled with the sickening vote-bank politics rides over all else, and its only getting poorer.
These ward boys were doing what paramedics do all over the world, including in India such as giving injections, arranging a patient for surgery, helping with equipment during surgeries. These are abilities one normally gets through short courses. And one may not like it, but the fact is no amount of courses can duplicate the experience these boys perhaps may have received in real life situation. It is the difference between theory and hands-on.
I would sincerely wish the policy makers to look at the larger picture. Give more people theoretical and hands-on paramedic training and for God’s sake, take out any quota, capitation fee system etc from features that affect human lives directly.


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