Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kasab Verdict: Will it be concluded?

Although Kasab’s trick was to conclude the 26/11 trial, with his "innocent confession" which has not worked, This is one more example of Indian justice with Ajmal Amir Kasab's collateral plea for death punishment. Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru is still not being hanged yet, so naturally Kasab will be enjoying his remaining life in tight security in Indian judicial. Are we paying tax for this?

Once the high court disposes of the situation, there will not be any more holdups to Kasab’s the death sentence. The government should continue with his capital punishment even if the appeals are filed by well wishers.

Its verdict, Kasab’s case can well be at odds not only due to the public shout for his capital punishment but also because the possibility whether it is based on his confession or not. We have so many incident faced like Kargil war, 26/11, Delhi Parliament attack, Jaipur Bomb blast, many more, still we are taking trials of all these terrorists. I doubt, again one day in future, there will be 'Kandhar hijack' again, and will be demanding to release all these terrorist by making innocent citizen as scapegoat.
The home ministry still has so many pleas for mercy from these terrorists. Around a bunch of 28 mercy petitions filed including convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case, seeking commutation of capital sentence to life verdict. Afzal is on 22nd in that list of 28.

I am sure, when Kasab is on his plea for death sentence; he may also join this line for commutation ahead of the home ministry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aura leakage from us

What is AURA? = A distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person

When you make your mind up to do something and don’t end up doing it, there should be a hole in your aura. We, as a human, all have a 3 dimensional energy force field called the human aura that encases our physical body. In a healthy being, it makes an elliptical shape around the body. Its thickness varies from a few inches to many feet depending on the fitness, thinking and energy of the person. Ill personal will have weak aura whereas a spiritual guru will have a strong one.

Largely the aura is weakened by poor diet, tension, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative habits and lack of exercise, fresh air and rest. The aura ‘tears’ when the fabric of the auric field is damaged due to wear-and-tear, strain or physical trauma of some kind. Leaks are usually found on the front of the body, and over the joints viz, knees, neck, ankles & elbows.

Tears cause ‘holes’ in the aura and your energy starts to leak from here thereby draining you of energy. They also make you vulnerable to outside energies, which mean a person with weak aura falls prey to all kinds of influences – suspicion, insecurity, fear, ‘evil eye’.

Incomplete tasks are, when you decide to do something and don’t end up doing it. You cause a hole in your aura, In fact, you can sense your energy exhausting as that little voice inside you will constantly nag you and remind of you of the incomplete job. Only when you complete it, you will feel better.

How to avoid it, take a break for your thoughts, Observe your thinking, Let go of distracting mind patterns and redirect your thoughts into mobilization, beauty, gratitude, or contemplating the goodness that you are.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Video of Peacock in Morachi Chincholi

Video of Peacock in Morachi Chincholi

Morachi Chincholi Revisited!!!

On last Sunday, I visited Morachi Chincholi with my soul-mate. We started our journey in early morning from Bhosari. It was pleasant climate, sprinkling was going on and cool breeze was following us. It took around an hour to reach to Chincholi Morachi. Peacocks welcome us on the entry point of mountain. Two days before, Chincholi experienced heavy rain, resulting in pleasant green view everywhere.
Room Facility at Mauli Agri Tourism

As peacocks are prime attraction of our village, so we do take immense care of them. Peacocks are really good friend of us. They help us in our day today farming and cultivation. On the end of every year, we keep some percentage of shares for peacocks. Peacocks are also share holder in our profit. Their share is invaluable in the profit, because of them only; we can manage to protect our cultivated products from harmful insects. We keep around couple of sacks of grain for our friend peacocks every year.

Internet is the best platform for me to explore my view about my village and make city people to know more about the rural culture of Maharashtra. I strongly believe that, if we manage to improve the economy of all villages in India, it'll surely make our country's financial system strong and stable growth. Never to forget that, we are agriculture based country, whose foundation is based on agricultural products. There are so many innovators/entrepreneurs, which have started by various means to improve their village by various means. I am also one of them, who really want to make revolutionary change in this small beautiful village.