Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picnic spots near Pune - Karan Agri Tourism

Hill Top Agri excursion destination: करण कृषि पर्यटन केन्द्र, रमेश संगपाल

Colourful flowers, small foot way through green bushes, various countryside foods, fresh vegetables, various horticultural activities, tree bound swing, sliders, huts, tents, natural cool water, Tulshi vrindavan, & fabulous entrance, these are the features of Karan Agri Tourism at Bhambarde near to Pune.

Karan Agri Tourism is located at Bhambarde, 5 KMs away from Ranjangaon Ganpati (one of the famous Eight Ganpatis) on Ahmednagar-Pune Highway. This tourism spot is developed by Mr. Ramesh Karbhari Sangpal in around 2 acres on a hill top. Tourists like Ganpati devotees, Industrial employees from Ranjangaon MIDC & group of families from Pune city are taking the experience of rural culture.

One can arrange small function, birthday parties, with your loving ones & family members. You can plan outing for couple of days, as lodging facility with delicious homely made food is available at Karan Agri Tourism. Special dishes are Maaswadi, Maharashtrian Thali (home made), rural culture fooding facility. Tourists can visit nearby holyplaces like Goddess Malganga, Goddess Donlai & most popular Mahaganpati at Ranjangaon.

Mr. Ramesh Sangpal is rewarded with 'Krishi Paryatan Gaurav' award on 16th May 2008 at Balgandharv Hall feliciated by Mr. Ajitdada Pawar.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is this our future playground?

Playing girl in a Window

In our 21st century life, human is compromising with the things, adjusting with the situation and sacrificing its moral & values. We are now becoming machines, who needs maintenance every couple months. Our market bill is less than Doctors' prescriptions. We care more for our child's study than his freedom.

This though came in my mind, when I saw this little girl playing in the window for long time in our apartment. Her parents do have their own home located in good locality, but what about the child? She does not have playground to explore the things, enjoy the leisure time with her friends. This is not only one girl who is having this cage for her play, its the story of all new generation. Where is the free space, fresh air and where is the open sky to locate stars? If this generation needs to be strong and healthy to fight with the challenges in life then they should have area for their physical activities. Due to lack of physical exercise, these kids are becoming victim of diseases and getting weaker in health. Every day new disease is arising and making pandemic in society, its because we are not healthy enough to resist it.

Its time to think about....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Again One more

This image is taken by my best friend Arunkumar Boddu at Hyderabad... Really good to share with all of you...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pooneri Paati

Pooneri people will always come up with new innovatie banners. This is one of the example, I saw today morning at ICICI ATM at Bhosari MIDC, near Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Mandal, Landewadi chauk. This board says, "Do not enquire about the ATM functionality at our counter, otherwise you'll be charged Rs. 10/- for each question" Mohan Tools.
I started laughing when I saw this banner. A lady was standing next to me, saw me so, and then she read the board... guess the resulting expression of lady, obvious, she also started laughing...

As I am in Pune now, will surely look for such 'Paaties' in future...

Keep smiling & sharing good thoughts...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kasab Verdict: Will it be concluded?

Although Kasab’s trick was to conclude the 26/11 trial, with his "innocent confession" which has not worked, This is one more example of Indian justice with Ajmal Amir Kasab's collateral plea for death punishment. Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru is still not being hanged yet, so naturally Kasab will be enjoying his remaining life in tight security in Indian judicial. Are we paying tax for this?

Once the high court disposes of the situation, there will not be any more holdups to Kasab’s the death sentence. The government should continue with his capital punishment even if the appeals are filed by well wishers.

Its verdict, Kasab’s case can well be at odds not only due to the public shout for his capital punishment but also because the possibility whether it is based on his confession or not. We have so many incident faced like Kargil war, 26/11, Delhi Parliament attack, Jaipur Bomb blast, many more, still we are taking trials of all these terrorists. I doubt, again one day in future, there will be 'Kandhar hijack' again, and will be demanding to release all these terrorist by making innocent citizen as scapegoat.
The home ministry still has so many pleas for mercy from these terrorists. Around a bunch of 28 mercy petitions filed including convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case, seeking commutation of capital sentence to life verdict. Afzal is on 22nd in that list of 28.

I am sure, when Kasab is on his plea for death sentence; he may also join this line for commutation ahead of the home ministry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aura leakage from us

What is AURA? = A distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person

When you make your mind up to do something and don’t end up doing it, there should be a hole in your aura. We, as a human, all have a 3 dimensional energy force field called the human aura that encases our physical body. In a healthy being, it makes an elliptical shape around the body. Its thickness varies from a few inches to many feet depending on the fitness, thinking and energy of the person. Ill personal will have weak aura whereas a spiritual guru will have a strong one.

Largely the aura is weakened by poor diet, tension, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative habits and lack of exercise, fresh air and rest. The aura ‘tears’ when the fabric of the auric field is damaged due to wear-and-tear, strain or physical trauma of some kind. Leaks are usually found on the front of the body, and over the joints viz, knees, neck, ankles & elbows.

Tears cause ‘holes’ in the aura and your energy starts to leak from here thereby draining you of energy. They also make you vulnerable to outside energies, which mean a person with weak aura falls prey to all kinds of influences – suspicion, insecurity, fear, ‘evil eye’.

Incomplete tasks are, when you decide to do something and don’t end up doing it. You cause a hole in your aura, In fact, you can sense your energy exhausting as that little voice inside you will constantly nag you and remind of you of the incomplete job. Only when you complete it, you will feel better.

How to avoid it, take a break for your thoughts, Observe your thinking, Let go of distracting mind patterns and redirect your thoughts into mobilization, beauty, gratitude, or contemplating the goodness that you are.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Video of Peacock in Morachi Chincholi

Video of Peacock in Morachi Chincholi

Morachi Chincholi Revisited!!!

On last Sunday, I visited Morachi Chincholi with my soul-mate. We started our journey in early morning from Bhosari. It was pleasant climate, sprinkling was going on and cool breeze was following us. It took around an hour to reach to Chincholi Morachi. Peacocks welcome us on the entry point of mountain. Two days before, Chincholi experienced heavy rain, resulting in pleasant green view everywhere.
Room Facility at Mauli Agri Tourism

As peacocks are prime attraction of our village, so we do take immense care of them. Peacocks are really good friend of us. They help us in our day today farming and cultivation. On the end of every year, we keep some percentage of shares for peacocks. Peacocks are also share holder in our profit. Their share is invaluable in the profit, because of them only; we can manage to protect our cultivated products from harmful insects. We keep around couple of sacks of grain for our friend peacocks every year.

Internet is the best platform for me to explore my view about my village and make city people to know more about the rural culture of Maharashtra. I strongly believe that, if we manage to improve the economy of all villages in India, it'll surely make our country's financial system strong and stable growth. Never to forget that, we are agriculture based country, whose foundation is based on agricultural products. There are so many innovators/entrepreneurs, which have started by various means to improve their village by various means. I am also one of them, who really want to make revolutionary change in this small beautiful village.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ek Kavita

कुणाच्या इतक्याही जवळ जावू नये
की आपल्याला त्याची सवय व्हावी
तडकलेच जर ह्र्दय कधी
जोडतांना असह्य यातना व्हावी

डायरीत कुणाचे नाव इतकेही येवू नये
की पानांना ते नाव जड व्हावे
एक दिवस अचानक त्या नावाचे
डायरीत येणे बंद व्हावे

स्वप्नात कुणाला असंही बघु नये
की आधाराला त्याचे हात असावे
तुटलेच जर स्वप्न अचानक
हातात आपल्या कहीच नसावे

कुणाला इतकाही वेळ देवू नये
की आपल्या क्षणाक्षणावर त्याचा अधिकार व्हावा
एक दिवस आरशासमोर आपणास
आपलाच चेहरा परका व्हावा

कुणाची इतकीही ओढ नसावी
की पदोपदी आपण त्याचीच वाट बघावी
त्याची वाट बघता बघता
आपलीच वाट दिशाहीन व्हावी

कुणाची इतकेही ऐकू नये
की कानात त्याच्याच शब्दांचा घुमजाव व्हावा
आपल्या ओठातूनही मग
त्याच्याच शब्दांचा उच्चार व्हावा

कुणाची अशीही सोबत असू नये
की प्रत्येक स्पंदनात ती जाणवावी
ती साथ गमवण्याच्या केवळ भीतीने
डोळ्यात खळकन अक्ष्रू जमावी

कुणाला इतकाही माझा म्हणू नये
की त्याचे ' मी पण ' आपण विसरुन जावे
त्या संभ्रमातून त्याने आपल्याला
ठेच देवून जागे करावे

पण, पण
कुणाच्या इतक्याही दूर जावू नये
की आपल्या सावली शिवाय सोबत काहीच नसावे

Vivekanada Thoughts

If the world is created for us, we are also created for the world. That this world is created for our enjoyment is the most wicked idea that holds us down. This world is not for our sake. Millions pass out of it every year; the world does not feel it; millions of others are supplied in their place. Just as much as the world is for us, so we also are for the world.

The whole body of supersensuous truths, having no beginning or end, and called by the name "Vedas," is ever-existent. The Creator himself is creating, preserving, and destroying the universe with the help of these truths. The person in whom this supersensuous power is manifested is called a Rishi, and the supersensuous truths which he or she realizes by this power are called the Vedas.

Happiness and misery are states, and states must always change. But the nature of the man is bliss, peace, unchanging. We have not to get it, we have it already. Only wash away the dross and see it. After every happiness comes misery. They may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other. What we want is neither happiness nor misery. Both make us forget our true nature. Both are chains--one iron, one gold. Behind both is the man, who is affected by neither happiness nor misery.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vat Savitri in Morachi Chincholi

Hey all,

As Mansoon has started, Religious events are coming up one by one. First and very most is Vat Paournima in Hindu culture for married woman. The same is going to be celebrated in my home town Chincholi Morachi.
Early morning on the Vat Savitri Vrata occasion, all married women in the village perform custom bath and dress in traditional saree and golden ornaments. For the period of the pooja, these all saubhagyavatis offer prasad to Goddesses Savitri Devi and adore her with greatest dedication.

Detailed information on Vat Savitri in Morachi Chincholi

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dwelling home of Peacocks

Dwelling home of Peacocks website has been launched.....

Now You can get all updates and details about Chincholi Morachi at

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some special heart touching images...

Be mine..........Dear

You gorgeous charm my feelings
Making me into a dream,
Lovely mind misses a beat
Whenever I get your glimpse!

When I see myself in your eyes
I can see deep trust in me,
You’re the one who gave courage
And made me strong to rise.

Whenever I hold your hand in my hand
I can get the better of anything in the world
All difficulties I can resist
And with every crisis I can handle.

You are the only one who has brought
Bliss into my existence
I forgot all my unhappiness moments
When you entered into my life!

My life is now on new path
From the moment I met you,
My thoughts for you are true
I in reality love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its your workplace, not the playground

It’s hard to leave Bad habits. This is now 21st century addiction, professionals hooked. It’s not about smoking or drinking, it’s about the popping chat windows and e-mail inboxes.

Most people keep working late because most of the productive time is spent in checking mails and chatting at office.

“Even in most of the office, reading personal e-mails and chat are out of control. If you just give a glance at screens in your office, you will find almost all of them are on either google/yahoo or orkut chat. There are plenty of people who have even spent their whole day chatting and haven’t done anything productive in office.”

Most of the employees who stay late in office are because throughout the day they are busy chatting. It is addiction same as tobacco or drinks. It happens intentionally or unintentionally, its waste of time, but still you can not control it.

How to avoid this addiction:

1) Get started on work first, and then check mail at a specific time afterwards. When you begin with email, it messes up your day.

2) You’d reply immediately to your personal mails.

3) You’d check personal mails at breaks.

4) If you are using Outlook that allows notifications, turn it off.

5) You’d keep your replies as short as possible. Give straight answers and stay on point.

I am also the victim of this addiction, but trying to get rid of it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting for the most awaited event

After almost a month, I am writing the post.

Couple of months before, a prince stolen the heart of a princess and now together they are planning a journey to the most Magical Place on Earth to share their promises and commitment to each other …

We both would like you to join on this special occasion to make it more memorable for lifetime.

Its only left 8 days, for the most awaiting ceremony to happen. Things have been changed, someone is really waiting for this romantic thing to happen.

Counting every day as for this event to come. Every second makes me feel like a year rock passing per second. Right now emotions are so much close to my heart that I can not even type things on the post.

Beautifully created invitation card is waiting for this occasion... And dear and near one will be there to bless and enjoy the ceremony..

Really God, I am waiting for the moment to happen.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life Challenges, makes better living

I don't think you really require being out there to 'discover' happiness. Being alive and being aware is sufficient. You can't choose the situation and wait for happiness to meet you there. It comes when you least expect it.

Life is full of contradictions.... and I guess that's why it's so stimulating. When I look outside myself, I feel most spiritual. One can't spend one's life being only a viewer and let things occur... and things do occur. So rather than remaining in one's misery, one needs to begin finding sources of life and joy.

Just feel good, for no real reason. I'm happiest person when I've had a first-class night's sleep and have time to lie in bed. I do believe there is some natural force, which take part in our lives. I love taking charge and shaping the things but I like to be pleasantly amazed by this natural force.

It’s so easy, value the moments when I'm doing something; I love and do it to the best of my capability.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

For my love....

In my dreams....

Every night as I go to bed
My feelings turn towards this path I wish to walk
I cannot cross this path ALONE
not can I through the air be flown
I need an you my ANGEL to accompany me through this journey
and experience the ride through every twist and turn
when will you be ready to hold my hand
I wait, I hope, I stand………for that moment…

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Flowers which yield in the field of our faith

For you, my love, these flowers I send,
each one nurtured in my heart for you, my love.
The day we met the seeds were sown,
now see how beautiful they have grown.
Where once there was a lonely deserted field,
a treasure of beauty our love yield.
With your every kind word and loving deed, my love,
to their starving growth and beauty you tendered.
So let me send them now to you too, to enjoy
and let us swear never let such beauty die.
Our love has endured the test of time
and molded itself into a symphony of poetic rhyme for you, my love…

Friday, February 13, 2009

Malware, spyware, viruses, worms

Malware is made from the words “Malicious” and “Software” and refers to any piece of code that has a malicious effect on a computer. It normally carries out its malicious task without informing the user of the computer. Note that, Malware does not refer to buggy, legitimate software.

Virus programs are a type of malware. Viruses are programs that infect a “host” like a file, or another executable program. The virus “spreads”, whenever the “host” is run, by infecting other files. Viruses can be very malicious like those that can erase the contents of a hard drive. They can be less malicious like displaying an obscene message on the screen.

A Worm is different from a virus in that it does not need a “host” to attach to. Worms reside in the “RAM” and infect other computers through computer networks. They do not spread by infecting other files. A worm can carry a payload. A worm does not need user intervention to run (or spread) unlike a virus which does. Worms scan the network for computers with vulnerable network services and copy themselves to the vulnerable computers. The process is automatic and thats how they can spread at lightning speed.

A “Trojan” is a program that does not infect or spread! It is actually a malicious piece of code, contained in a seemingly benign and useful code (read screen savers, games etc.) . A Trojan when run, can provide its author - access to the infected computer. Other types of Trojan, look for information like passwords, credit card numbers, online banking data, personal information etc and send these back to the author.

A Trojan actually invites the user to run itself. The concealed malicious payload is executed in the process.Most commonly , it install more harmful programs in the computer to serve the author’s interests. Thus Trojans are used as “droppers”, by which worms are injected into user’s computer networks.

Malware written for profit include - Spyware, Botnets, Keyloggers etc.

Earlier malware used to be written more for “vandalism” and “prank” value - today the creators look at making money out of the control they have on infected systems.

Spyware is distributed as a Trojan - a desirable and useful software on the outside containing the malicious spyware code inside.

Malware programs need to stay in the infected computer for long periods so that they give a better chance for their authors to profit from them. In order to do this they need to conceal their presence in the infected computer. Most Malware programs have code in them such that they cannot be easily detected. They do this by modifying the Operating System using specific commands. (The set of such commands are called “rootkits”). By running rootkits, they do not show up in the list of system processes. Thats how they escape detection by ordinary means.

But they can be detected by programs written to detect such concealment. On being detected they can be deleted by these programs. Spyware programs have defenses to repel such deletion attempts. They run multiple system processes such that if one of them is killed by an anti-spyware program, the other surviving processes quickly generate a copy of the killed process. Thus to clean a infected system of spyware, not only should the various spyware processes be identified - they have to be killed simultaneously.

Some Spyware programs can alter browser behaviour by redirecting search engine results.

Botnets are used by creators of some malware - to coordinate between the hundreds and thousands of infected computers. The malware in the infected systems login to the botnet. Thus through the botnet the creator of malware can update the code and make them more resistant and more capable.

Some malware programs can install a key logger which logs the key strokes made by the user when entering passwords or credit card information or CD leys. These are then transmitted to the creator of the malware.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Few lines for my soul mate....

Let’s hear from each other,
We can assist each other raise.
And let us always be there for each other,
whenever we are feeling sad.

May we forever be capable to set a smile on each others face,
And a twinkle in both of our eyes.
And let us enjoy all the good times together,
Like watching shooting stars fall from the skies.

The laughs just keep on coming,
Nothing can ever that left.
Cause they begin from the inside of heart,
And get deeper each day.

We can just pace together,
To that beautiful place.
Side by side,
With that look upon each others face.

I see the faith in my soul mate’s eyes,
They're so honest and true.
They tell me everything,
And there is nothing you can do.

Its for you…….my dear…