Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ek Kavita

कुणाच्या इतक्याही जवळ जावू नये
की आपल्याला त्याची सवय व्हावी
तडकलेच जर ह्र्दय कधी
जोडतांना असह्य यातना व्हावी

डायरीत कुणाचे नाव इतकेही येवू नये
की पानांना ते नाव जड व्हावे
एक दिवस अचानक त्या नावाचे
डायरीत येणे बंद व्हावे

स्वप्नात कुणाला असंही बघु नये
की आधाराला त्याचे हात असावे
तुटलेच जर स्वप्न अचानक
हातात आपल्या कहीच नसावे

कुणाला इतकाही वेळ देवू नये
की आपल्या क्षणाक्षणावर त्याचा अधिकार व्हावा
एक दिवस आरशासमोर आपणास
आपलाच चेहरा परका व्हावा

कुणाची इतकीही ओढ नसावी
की पदोपदी आपण त्याचीच वाट बघावी
त्याची वाट बघता बघता
आपलीच वाट दिशाहीन व्हावी

कुणाची इतकेही ऐकू नये
की कानात त्याच्याच शब्दांचा घुमजाव व्हावा
आपल्या ओठातूनही मग
त्याच्याच शब्दांचा उच्चार व्हावा

कुणाची अशीही सोबत असू नये
की प्रत्येक स्पंदनात ती जाणवावी
ती साथ गमवण्याच्या केवळ भीतीने
डोळ्यात खळकन अक्ष्रू जमावी

कुणाला इतकाही माझा म्हणू नये
की त्याचे ' मी पण ' आपण विसरुन जावे
त्या संभ्रमातून त्याने आपल्याला
ठेच देवून जागे करावे

पण, पण
कुणाच्या इतक्याही दूर जावू नये
की आपल्या सावली शिवाय सोबत काहीच नसावे

Vivekanada Thoughts

If the world is created for us, we are also created for the world. That this world is created for our enjoyment is the most wicked idea that holds us down. This world is not for our sake. Millions pass out of it every year; the world does not feel it; millions of others are supplied in their place. Just as much as the world is for us, so we also are for the world.

The whole body of supersensuous truths, having no beginning or end, and called by the name "Vedas," is ever-existent. The Creator himself is creating, preserving, and destroying the universe with the help of these truths. The person in whom this supersensuous power is manifested is called a Rishi, and the supersensuous truths which he or she realizes by this power are called the Vedas.

Happiness and misery are states, and states must always change. But the nature of the man is bliss, peace, unchanging. We have not to get it, we have it already. Only wash away the dross and see it. After every happiness comes misery. They may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other. What we want is neither happiness nor misery. Both make us forget our true nature. Both are chains--one iron, one gold. Behind both is the man, who is affected by neither happiness nor misery.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vat Savitri in Morachi Chincholi

Hey all,

As Mansoon has started, Religious events are coming up one by one. First and very most is Vat Paournima in Hindu culture for married woman. The same is going to be celebrated in my home town Chincholi Morachi.
Early morning on the Vat Savitri Vrata occasion, all married women in the village perform custom bath and dress in traditional saree and golden ornaments. For the period of the pooja, these all saubhagyavatis offer prasad to Goddesses Savitri Devi and adore her with greatest dedication.

Detailed information on Vat Savitri in Morachi Chincholi