Thursday, January 22, 2009

Few lines for my soul mate....

Let’s hear from each other,
We can assist each other raise.
And let us always be there for each other,
whenever we are feeling sad.

May we forever be capable to set a smile on each others face,
And a twinkle in both of our eyes.
And let us enjoy all the good times together,
Like watching shooting stars fall from the skies.

The laughs just keep on coming,
Nothing can ever that left.
Cause they begin from the inside of heart,
And get deeper each day.

We can just pace together,
To that beautiful place.
Side by side,
With that look upon each others face.

I see the faith in my soul mate’s eyes,
They're so honest and true.
They tell me everything,
And there is nothing you can do.

Its for you…….my dear…

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