Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is this our future playground?

Playing girl in a Window

In our 21st century life, human is compromising with the things, adjusting with the situation and sacrificing its moral & values. We are now becoming machines, who needs maintenance every couple months. Our market bill is less than Doctors' prescriptions. We care more for our child's study than his freedom.

This though came in my mind, when I saw this little girl playing in the window for long time in our apartment. Her parents do have their own home located in good locality, but what about the child? She does not have playground to explore the things, enjoy the leisure time with her friends. This is not only one girl who is having this cage for her play, its the story of all new generation. Where is the free space, fresh air and where is the open sky to locate stars? If this generation needs to be strong and healthy to fight with the challenges in life then they should have area for their physical activities. Due to lack of physical exercise, these kids are becoming victim of diseases and getting weaker in health. Every day new disease is arising and making pandemic in society, its because we are not healthy enough to resist it.

Its time to think about....

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