Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do not write anything on our Indian Rupee note.

Please do not write anything on currency note, because those notes can't be used for standard transaction, i.e., you can't find written notes on ATM machine.

Because of written notes Indian Goverment [WE] loses Rs. 2000 Cr per year.


priyanka said...

sir sud u plz tel me is dere iz any law againt writing or soing whole in a insian currency?plz mail me dees details on my id sh.priyanka12@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the law that says this? What is the source of your information? You cannot post such stuff about the national currency without a proof.

Anonymous said...

The article which was posted above is true..Writing on currency notes is a punishable offense as per the Reserve Bank of India 's clean note policy and every one of us must bring awareness about this among others..



Anonymous said...

but written stuff on currency is itself witten by bankers n cashiers.
wat u hav to say about that??

YakubRaza said...