Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Late to Office, Be punctual

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill duty before or at a previously-designated time।

Punctuality means to the company money well spent. The company is paying their employees to start work at specific time, whatever the start time is with each company - and they expect their employees to show up at the scheduled time without missing a minute.

If an employee is not punctual, the manager automatically will think that this employee is not reliable. If there is a project with a deadline, the manager will look for someone who is punctual to finish that project. He is not going to risk giving it to the person who is not punctual.

When you are punctual in the workplace, lets everyone that you are reliable. One can depend on you either rain, sleet or snow that you will show up. One can rely on you to finish all the projects that are assigned. Therefore, one gains the respect of manager, colleagues and of the company, overall, it pays to be punctual and it gains respect in the workplace.

Not many people are always on time at work. On average, business people are running behind their schedules for 5-10 minutes, but still they are considered to be quite punctual. Being always late or unable to complete your tasks on time creates a lot of pressure and causes a great number of tensions at work.
Therefore, below are the easy recommendations for those who want to change their style and be more punctual.

1. Try to find out what exactly causes your delay. Why do you leave your house late every time? Why are you always late with your projects and tasks? Maybe, those are unnecessary drives and urges you can’t resist? Or can it be your habit to stay in bed till the last moment? Monitor your daily activities closely and try to spot 2-4 things that cause you running behind the schedule.

2. Change your approach. Accept your tardiness as a bad habit that you need to get rid of and get ready for make the changes in your behavior. Understand the reasons and get motivated for a hard work on self-disciplining. Start thinking in a rational manner and avoid impulsive actions.

3. Think about the risks connected with your being late and delay. Understand that the consequences of your tardiness can be really negative and unacceptable. Your status in the eyes of your colleagues and bosses will not be high, and this can seriously lower your chances of promotion. Also, the tasks and projects you are involved in will be associated with stresses and late delivery. What to say about possible disciplinary actions and low self-esteem.

4. Learn to plan and prioritize your activities. Also, you should learn to understand, what must be done right away, what is important and has to be done soon, and what should not be done at all. Plan and schedule your tasks and actions even if your day is not too busy. This way you’ll turn planning and scheduling into a habit.

5. Think about the responsibility. Being punctual is closely linked to admiration to the time and efforts of other people, to being more responsible and successful, to self-development and personal development day by day. Remember that punctuality will bring you excellent return, today and tomorrow.


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