Sunday, February 15, 2009

For my love....

In my dreams....

Every night as I go to bed
My feelings turn towards this path I wish to walk
I cannot cross this path ALONE
not can I through the air be flown
I need an you my ANGEL to accompany me through this journey
and experience the ride through every twist and turn
when will you be ready to hold my hand
I wait, I hope, I stand………for that moment…

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Flowers which yield in the field of our faith

For you, my love, these flowers I send,
each one nurtured in my heart for you, my love.
The day we met the seeds were sown,
now see how beautiful they have grown.
Where once there was a lonely deserted field,
a treasure of beauty our love yield.
With your every kind word and loving deed, my love,
to their starving growth and beauty you tendered.
So let me send them now to you too, to enjoy
and let us swear never let such beauty die.
Our love has endured the test of time
and molded itself into a symphony of poetic rhyme for you, my love…

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