Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its your workplace, not the playground

It’s hard to leave Bad habits. This is now 21st century addiction, professionals hooked. It’s not about smoking or drinking, it’s about the popping chat windows and e-mail inboxes.

Most people keep working late because most of the productive time is spent in checking mails and chatting at office.

“Even in most of the office, reading personal e-mails and chat are out of control. If you just give a glance at screens in your office, you will find almost all of them are on either google/yahoo or orkut chat. There are plenty of people who have even spent their whole day chatting and haven’t done anything productive in office.”

Most of the employees who stay late in office are because throughout the day they are busy chatting. It is addiction same as tobacco or drinks. It happens intentionally or unintentionally, its waste of time, but still you can not control it.

How to avoid this addiction:

1) Get started on work first, and then check mail at a specific time afterwards. When you begin with email, it messes up your day.

2) You’d reply immediately to your personal mails.

3) You’d check personal mails at breaks.

4) If you are using Outlook that allows notifications, turn it off.

5) You’d keep your replies as short as possible. Give straight answers and stay on point.

I am also the victim of this addiction, but trying to get rid of it.

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