Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting for the most awaited event

After almost a month, I am writing the post.

Couple of months before, a prince stolen the heart of a princess and now together they are planning a journey to the most Magical Place on Earth to share their promises and commitment to each other …

We both would like you to join on this special occasion to make it more memorable for lifetime.

Its only left 8 days, for the most awaiting ceremony to happen. Things have been changed, someone is really waiting for this romantic thing to happen.

Counting every day as for this event to come. Every second makes me feel like a year rock passing per second. Right now emotions are so much close to my heart that I can not even type things on the post.

Beautifully created invitation card is waiting for this occasion... And dear and near one will be there to bless and enjoy the ceremony..

Really God, I am waiting for the moment to happen.


Dhaval Ramtirthkar said...

hiii Tanmaya

gr8 to know abt ur marriage.

May Gold bless you with all the joys and happiness of a happy married life. :)

btw, yesterday i.e. 12th April'09 I had come to Morachi Chincholi in the evening. Wish you were there so that we cud've met. It's an amazing village I must say and will certainly visit again in June or July.

Hope we can meet then. Enjoy ur married life :)


Tanmaya said...

Hi Dhaval,
Thanks and in near future, if you come again to my home town, do contact me. So that I'll make myself available over there.
If I fail to come to Chincholi, I'll ask my brother, he will guide and let you explore real village life much closer.