Thursday, August 12, 2010

if, Google is made PAID!!!!

If our favorite website "Mr. Google" is paid, then what? Now a days we all are so addicted to internet such that, we search everything on internet, by using search engines. Out of all search engines, Google has give atmost performance in searching your queries. But just imagine, if Google plans to charge you for the search you make. Surely in first phase, you'll say no I'm not going to use google. But today the situation is like, you will survive without a bread for a day, but can not breath if you find your google is not there. Yes, indeed, its applicable for all of us. Software engineers are most paid entities in this Internet world, just imagine, their situation. Company will hire only those engineers who are less bothered to search on the internet & much more talented in their skill. I'l desparately waiting for the day when this search engines will go for PAID service. These 2 short lines will surely, enlight you as a reader, that we should be more keen in learning than in searching. Be expert in exercising the problem than copying directly from some others hard work. My lines will continue, but all of us should become more smart than slave of search engines.

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xZone said...

LoL.. teri toh!! I was shocked after seeing a popup highlighting the subject saying 'Google goes paid' !!! LoL.. I rely on this beast for any purpose, even I googled the words, "Google goes paid" in sheer excitement :P No matter we get smarter n smarter as days pass by, but Google will always be our best friend :D It'd never go as a Paid Service, but it'd rather pay us for surfing in the future :) What say?