Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diversification or Specialization

Very interesting thing is happening now a days in my life, "Diversification". Completed Degree in Electronics Engineering, Master in Business Administration & now achieving the Master in Science of Software Engineering. Yes, I'm totally in the diversification about the skill sets. And all these skill sets are no where used in my current profile. But I've faith that one day, my earned & gained knowledge will pay for it. Everywhere competition is increasing in every core area & I'm developing myself as a multiskilled personality. Somebody will say now that, in current situation, person like me will fail in life, as 'I'm jack of everything & not skilled of anything'. So, I'd like to ask, if the specialization is need of life then, why one should wonder how other things are happening in life.
I do agree that, I've not done any speciliased approach in my life about education, but the gained knowledge gave me the vision to see about the obstacle in life. As per my opinion, One should always look for challenges to resolve or solve the troubles faced by others, your gained knowledge should always help them to improve & resolve the difficulties faced. One should try to learn as many thing possible to improve the life socially. You'd be able to adopt the things & make them work as per your need instead of following the things meant by other. Always follow the path which is travelled less, it will left mark behind you for follow up others.

Thats the life...!!

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