Thursday, May 31, 2012

Try 30 days challenge

Here I would like to share one habit, which can change your personality. Its 30 days challenge to yourself. From today, the next 30 days are going the pass by, whether you like it or not. Try something new for the coming 30 days, something you always wanted to do. In 30 days you can create a new habit or break an old one. You can help, motivate and inspire yourself. It could be simple one, like using stair-case instead of lift or not watching TV once you return from office or going for morning walk. Simple three steps to complete.

    Step 1: Pick a personal challenge
    Step 2: Work on it, every single day
    Step 3: Create a new habit in 30 days

Couple of questions may rise in your mind now,
·         Like this is useless, why should I try this? BUT I would say, even if you fail to complete 30 days self-challenge. Failure isn't an option! I don't see it as failing, you can overrun, what matters is that you are trying! For example, Whether it takes you 30 days or 30 months to quit smoking, at the end of it all, you've still achieved something, and you'd be proud of you!

·         Who am I to tell you? I'm your friend, who developed some websites in 30 days without knowing any programming languages, who disciplined himself about his eating habits (most of you know), who is punctual most of the times (that was the first challenge I accepted so many years back). I am a slave to Facebook, infrequently update my blog and find myself setting challenges more and more.

I always keep on sharing nice quotes, stories, technical articles with friends like you. So here is this 30 days challenge.

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