Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey, Its Friday Again

Weekend plans must be ready in your mind by this time. We all really EAGERLY wait for weekends, Aren’t we? But today I would talk on balancing our 7 days’ life and 5 days’ work life.

Some people have the misconception that their life starts when they leave the office. It's okay if they are miserable for eight hours a day; work-life balance is finding something cool that makes them happy right when they get home or on the weekends. I would say, big encouragement is work, that is a huge part of our lives. It's five of the seven days of the week. So don't wait until you get home or until the weekend to find some balance in the day or to structure the day in a way that's going to be sustainable in the long term.

Work-life balance is much more fluid ... It's always changing, it's always evolving, and it's different on any given day. What can you do in a given day to make it your own? Instead of hitting snooze, running to work, feeling buried by email, getting stressed out, going home, how can you take proactive steps to make the day yours? For me, it might be playing with my kid or reading the motivational stories in the leisure time, [or] surf on internet.

Every day we are challenged in our office job for setting up goals and learning new technologies, The bigger the goal, the louder the sabotages and critics. So the more exciting and thrilling something is, the more we tend to hear that rush of voices saying things like, "You're not good enough, You're not smart enough." ... A lot of times, people have a big goal somewhere in the back of their mind, but it's so big that it's scary. So they kind of tiptoe around it, they're a little afraid to say it out loud, and admit that this is actually a goal. For some people, it's about addressing any meeting, building a support network, or learning new programming language, it might be taking an around-the-world trip ... Saying it out loud is the scariest part. From there, and taking baby steps ... I just want to encourage —you don't have to wait 10 or 15 years to start doing something that's important to you.

I have simple theory which will make our office hours more happier than ever. [Don't overlook] the power of informal interviews. ... [Start by] reaching out to people you admire and asking to sit down with them for a 30-minute coffee or lunch. ... [It's] a great way to learn more, expand network, and pursue big goals. So often, people want to pay it forward ... Don't be afraid to ask someone for their time. The worst they can say is no, and I've found that nine times out of 10, the answer is yes.

Be proactive about your own development. Don't wait for a manager to tell you how to improve or what areas to focus on ... Part of being at the entry level is learning how to navigate ambiguity.

"Career in the age of the apps" Instead of thinking of our careers like a ladder and trying to go straight up to the top to some point in the sky, really think of our careers like a smartphone. Our upbringing and our education is our basic operating system on the phone. And instead of thinking about big ladder rungs and big leaps, think about your career as a series of little apps. Skills and experiences that you can download to make your phone work for you. There's no phone competition, [and] it doesn't matter what phone your friends have. Some of the apps will be fun, some of the apps will be side projects and passions, some of the apps will be skills you're learning on the job.

We're in a time right now where career is much more fluid than it's ever been. Instead of just having a day job, a lot of people have their day job, and they're downloading all these apps on the side. It's really empowering when we realize, just like a phone, your career is truly in your hands.

Have a great weekend!!!

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