Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silence is key to stregthen yourself

Silence has energy to it like no other source. It has the power to get people to think and to act, it can help slow the mind down, and it is a powerful assistant in the likes of therapy and life coaching.

What happens when there is silence?

We turn our thoughts and focus inwards and gain the power we need to refuel our minds. Our ego is temporarily switched off or at least made to be quiet for a bit, and we start to see the real family as it should be. Our thoughts get in the way of our reality sometimes and we don’t see the beauty of the family around us. When there is silence there is time for self-analysis and to allow your true self to speak, not the ego, not the conscious mind but the true self connected to the flow of energy around us.

5 Examples of when to use silence:

1. during arguments. One of the best times to use the power of silence is during an argument is to stay silent. Egoistic reply can end the argument; you will win the battle of argument on contrary hurting the next person’s heart easily. Wounds created by words are much dipper than the sword. The ego will be trying to force its way out of you and finish the argument but You are the controller, not the ego. When someone is shouting at you, looking for an argument or just picking on you can literally take all the power away from them and keep all your energy by simply looking at them and saying absolutely nothing. This is extremely difficult to do but very powerful.

2. Gossiping. When there is a group of ladies in the office, there are gossipers who speak about other people. The thing with gossiping is that it is infectious. When we don’t like someone and others start speaking about them we naturally tend to voice our opinion. I also feel to put my opinion about the person sometime, whom I do not like. However I control myself.

Try and stop yourself from catching the virus of gossiping and use the power of silent whenever it occurs. If you are a gossiper yourself and people around start to notice that you are ‘not your usual self’, don’t give an explanation just leave saying you’ve got work to do or whatever, pretty soon you’ll be out of the gossiping loop.

3. When someone is talking. Silence is a great tool for analysts if used in the right way. It’s also great when listening to friends and aged in family.

Just let people talk and listen to them and use your facial expressions and movements to acknowledge that you are listening, it is hard to learn facial expressions while listening. Your eyes speak louder than your words, slight unintentional expression of eyes leads in disappointment for the person who is talking with you. This can be a tough thing to do but extremely powerful for both you, as the listener, and the talker.

You will find that as you practice this, more people come to talk to you as you will be known as a listener. Obviously there are times to speak during the conversation, however when you do, make sure it is to summarize what the talker is saying or asking questions to get more information, don’t make it about yourself.

When people want to know more about you they will ask you questions, this is the time to talk about yourself but always have the listener be part of the conversation.

4. When the house is empty. The silence of the home can be quite disturbing to some, as there is a natural need to fill the void of silence. We turn on the radio, play some music, call friends or family, or turn on the TV to fill this void. Having a completely silent home when you are alone does not mean you are alone it simply means you are recharging your mind and giving it some downtime.

Silence helps us to work through, in our minds, the events of the day what we want to happen during the day ahead. Try to become the first person up in the morning which means you have another couple of hours to work on your spiritual energy and health.

I know it’s harder when you are alone, however silent time can be used to think about the life you want and work out ways to get it.

5. Quiet reflection. This is a fantastic way to connect with family in a way that is not possible when you are surrounded by noise. 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening simply focusing on your breath can do wonders for both mind and body. I truly believe that with practice quiet reflection can help us reach a level of deep inner calm. Everyday thanks to God that, because of his blessing, you are enjoying life with such a beautiful family surrounding you. ‘Greatest moment of life is to see your parents are happy and the reason behind it is you’.

The state of silence is a way of reaching another part of your mind not possible when going about your daily routine. This other part of your mind is connected in every way to the world around you and with practice you can tap into this knowledge.

The past is to prove that no one is perfect and the future is to prove that everyone can change!

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