Monday, April 15, 2013

Traffic sense, discipline are words of the past

Every day in Pune, I see same scenes on every Traffic Signal, two of them are, not following the traffic signal and not wearing helmet. Everyone is in such a hurry that, nobody is ready to obey traffic rules. The moment, Red signal count goes from 5 4 3 2…. People start crossing the road as if race winning trophy is waiting in next signal. I always ask one question to myself, Why these people want to risk their life? May be they are getting late or they do not want to ‘waste’ their time in following lifesaving traffic rules. Time is precious, but Life is priceless.

When someone in car or on bike at signal wants to follow traffic rule and cross road only when it’s Green, honking starts, the abuses grow… Auto rickshaw tries to push you forward to break the signal. This results in a traffic jam. Sometimes the verbal abuses increases till threating over these Pune streets. Clearly the one, who wants to follow the traffic rule, has to bend in front of this crowd and break the traffic rule. Cursing and breaking the traffic rules on every day while going to office or home on traffic signal is daily routine for most in Pune. But do they ever understand the ill effects of this. It ruins their day, mood and sometimes it may put their life in danger.

Well as human-being, we are selfish and always think only about ourselves. Look at yourself, only for selfish reasons; you abuse the person who follows the traffic rule. In back of your mind office tension, EMI calculations or any such issue which catch up the fire and explodes on the traffic signal when you get easy target to abuse.
Second thing is not wearing helmet. People give such senseless excuses for not wearing helmet, makes me fill pity for them. Excuses like, ‘I feel discomfort while driving’, ‘It obstructs my view on road’, ‘So much sweating in sunny day’ and so on… But has anyone imagined, God forbids if something goes wrong on the road and you land up in accident, bones will be broken but because of using Helmet, you will be survived. Your family needs you, always wear helmet.

People have become horses racing carelessly without a thought for others. Empathy has become alien words! Traffic sense, discipline are words of the past! Tell me how many times we follow traffic rules early in the morning when there is less traffic? What kind of example are we setting to the next generation?

We have become slaves of all the illusory things of life!

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