Saturday, August 16, 2008

Morachi Chincholi: Peacocks Town = Chincholi (Morachi) Picnic spot near Pune

My home town is from Pune to Ahmednagar is an interesting one. prosperity is apparent, though area battled with severe drought just a couple of years ago. The village of Chincholi Morachi. means the abode of peacocks and tamarind trees, both of which are in abundance in my town.

This quaint little village, almost 60 km from Pune, is home to a population of around 2,500 people, as well as an equal number of peacocks. The peacock is not just protected, but also revered. This small town is surrounded by Nighoj (World famous Pot holes), Malthan, any many more natural dweller villages.

peacocks have helped the villagers in their own way. They help in keeping snakes at bay & act as a natural biological control by eating the insects on the crops.

Last year MTDC for Morachi Chincholi has approved it as tourist picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai. And latest achievement for us, as Thopate family is that, we got ATDC (Agree Tourism Development Corporation) approval for our site. So in week ends, you will find ample amount of tourists visiting to Chincholi Morachi. You can contact for accommodation to me. An NGO has in with plans to create a peacock sanctuary near the village. And if all goes well, the national bird can continue to enjoy its pride of place in Morachi Chincholi.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ayamnat !!!

Nice snaps...


Anonymous said...

Hey Tanmay,

All posts are really nice.


chaitralid said...

I am thinking of visiting your hometown this Christmas day, and was hoping you could help me with some tips.
I planned to make a whole day picnic, and was a bit confused about how to plan it best. Here are my questions and I am hoping you can answer them for me.
1. I hear the peacocks can be seen only in early morning or in the evening. So I am guessing it would be wiser to club our Chincholi picnic with other spots. I was thinking of going to Nighoj in the same trip. Would you advise it? How far ahead is Nighoj from Chincholi Morachi and what would be the best route to take from pune?
2. Someone mentioned to me that the peacocks shed their plumage around october... I am not sure about this, but since you have been there longer, can you please tell me, whether we would be able to see the peacocks in their resplendent selves
3. Is it very difficult to sight the peacocks or are they easily seen everywhere? If it is difficult to sight them, what would be the best spot to be at to get to see some?
4. Would it be best to pack our food and water from home itself, or are you aware of any nice restaurant or food place along the way where we (10 of us)can get decent Marathi food?
I'd be grateful if you can help me with answers to these questions.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Previously it was a bit difficult to get nice 'Dhabas' or Hotels nearby Chincholi. But now this is not a problem. Couple of nice quality food serving hotels are there.

Their yummi taste food will make you come here again and again!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information and for posting details on, but you need to do something about your site it keeps showing as not ready yet.

Tanmaya said...


Website will be ready up to next week at max...

In the mean time, I am going to Chincholi Morachi and get some more recent pics and ongoing events details... Hope you will enjoy it...

PJ said...

Hey Tanmaya.
Great post and a great website. Just a suggestion, can you also add the directions to reach Chincoli Morachi. I think that will be really useful.

I am planning to visit Chincoli Morachi this monsoon. Can you pl tell me what would be the best time to get the "Full Pisara" view :-)?

Anonymous said...


You will get detailed route map for "How to reach Morachi Chincholi?" over here =
How to reach Chincholi Morachi

PJ said...

Hey Tanmaya. Thank you so much for the help.
Looking forward to seeing the National bird in its natural habitat at Chincoli Moranchi.

Thanks a ton!


Anonymous said...

Hi Prashant,

Its my pleasure.. Wish you happy time with peacocks in Chincholi Morachi.

Do not forget to send me the pics once you come back from your trip..


Anonymous said...

Here you will get the charges for the staying at Morachi Chincholi

Staying charges at Chincholi Morachi

yash said...

Hiii Tanmay!!!!!

Really very nice snaps....

Yashashri Nanaware.

ravi said...

I am Major Joshi from Pune. My brothers and myself with our families wish to visit you in the second week of April 2010.

Anonymous said...

The link you have given is not working.. please post he link on how to reach the chincholi morachi from pune... i haven't find the directions to reach there on your site.. and urs is only site with max info about destination..

Scat Travels said...

great post sharing thank you.

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