Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Server Security Against Attack

Now a days, Your computer needs security tighten with the IPSec policy, You can go through following steps to make it effective:

Start > Program Files > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Create IP security policy'

Click Next and provide your policy 'Block those IP' and type its description (if you want ;)).

Click Next then leave activate ticked & then click Next

leave all default settings as it is and click Finish

Now you are at the properties window.

Here Click ADD then Next.

(Precaution, do not play with it, otherwise your RDP session will get lost) Leave 'This rule does not specify a tunnel' selected and click Next

Leave All Network Connections as it is & click Next

Now important task is here, IP filter list. Now create a new filter, Click Add new filter.

Provide a Name for the list, call it 'Block those gatecrashers'

Click Add then Next to continue.

In the description box type a IP address. If you want you can assign Filter name or only IP as its name.
Let it be ticked the Mirrored. Match packets with the exact opposite source and destination addresses Click Next

The Source address should be kept as My IP address & click Next

Now select A Specific IP address for the Destination address. (You will get multiple option in this drop down list, you can check them, as per your need)
Provide the IP address to be blocked & Click Next

Let it be protocol type as Any and click Next and alas Finish

Now Last but not the least, Right Click Block those IP policy, and say Activate.
This seems to be a bit complicated process, but its very effective one.


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