Thursday, August 14, 2008

Windows Security Tab missing in Windows 2003


Recently I have faced very strange problem with Windows 2003 Server Operating System. I am trying get it resolved but failed. :(

Strange thing is that, I can view security tabs for all other folders along with it. But this is the ONLY one folder whose security tab is missing.

Hope some one will help me in this issue...

I was in search of its solution, Hope following one will help you!!!

1) Open command prompt on your system (Drive should be NTFS file type), User should have at least read privilege on rshx32.dll, generally it is available, but one should cross check it.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cacls \windows\system32\rshx32.dll
C:\windows\system32\rshx32.dll BUILTIN\Users:R
BUILTIN\Power Users:R

You can get more info on cacls as cacls /?

2) Assign its preceding folder proper permission and hit apply its inherit permission.


mujammmil said...

Tanmay goto folder options open view tab
then choose last option
("use simple file sharing uncheck that option ")u will get security tab that tab is get enabled by deault when u take some system into domain
Hope thbis will help u

Arnie said...

Hi Tanmay, Arun Here...Forget about it and just chill,call me back for the issue, will tell you on phone...Bye and happy independence day.....

SwapnilH said...
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Anonymous said...

Just for all users, I want to make one correction here, blogger has requested solution for Windows 2003 tab missing, and not for Windows XP. So resolving it on XP is easy but I am also looking for the solution on this Windows 2003 tab missing issue... Any help will be appreciated.!

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Anonymous said...

Run checkdisk, if you have corrupt files it can remove the ACL for the file causing the security tab to go misisng.

I have had many of these and this generaly fixes it.

Tom Robbins said...

Hello Tanmaya and all, I just got done researching and fixing my Windows 2003 missing security tab. It centers around a file named rshx32.dll. By the way, my problem aslo included the very slow resoponse when selecting a folder and then going to properties or "sharing and security".

I first tried to re-register this .dll using regsvr32 (you should also try this first), but it failed with some odd error that yielding nothing when I googled it. So I did a search on my computer for rshx32.dll and found an exact copy (by date modified and by size) in c:\windows\service pack files.

I figured the file might just be corrupt so I renamed the one in C:\windows\system32 with a .old extension, then copied the one from the service pack directory over. And BAMB, fixed - hope this helps. But now I look at the date on the blog an you probably have anohter computer by now :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Tom,

Its true, by now I've another PC, but surely your suggestion will help to those, who are still searching for its remedy or will face such problem in future.

Thanks a lot for your contribution in this...

Anonymous said...

This worked, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, in Windows2003 just start 'Computer Browser' and 'Server' services for 'Sharing and Security' to get enabled.


Anonymous said...

The problem in the original post and what I am facing is that the security tab is only missing on one or a few folders - not all folders. I have a security tab one level up. I have a security tab on the other folder at the same level as the problem folder.
Tried taking ownership - Access Denied. Tried to force permission down from the functional folder one level up - access denied.